EXCEL Engineering & Contracting Company Limited shall achieve prosperity based on solid foundation by placing prime importance on integrity and sound management in the conduct of its business.

EECCL’s business interest must always be in harmony with public interest;
EECCL shall have the ability to adapt to good times and bad times.

In addition to the above, other various principles, such as “attaching importance to technology,” “respect for human resources,” “long-range planning” and “mutual prosperity, respect for the public good” have been steadfastly handed down to the present.

EXCEL Engineering & Contracting Co. Ltd.’s Principles:

Offer the very best goods and services to satisfy customer needs.

  • Build technical expertise, realize changes and strive for consistent growth.
  • Contribute to creating a better society and environment, with a firm awareness of our social responsibility.
  • Maintain high corporate ethics and strive to become a company worthy of society’s rust.
  • Nurture a lively corporate culture that enables employee self-improvement.